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  1. Dotun Omidiora

    We have launched again!

    Radical Youth's website first launched in 2013. It went well, until we had a serious issue on which we cannot recover to restore that old site. So we have to start again from the ground up. This website took just about over a year to develop, bring Radical Youth to the modern era. New bright design, new features, new exciting! So what can you do here? Well, because we have lost all data from the old website if you had signed up before, you'll need to sign up again. We added a new way to log in which is Google (so if you have a Google account, you can quickly sign up) in addition to Facebook and manual registration. You'll able to soon register (and sign in) using a Microsoft account later in future. We recommend that you use Join Interactive if you are using the website for the first time, or even new to Radical Youth. The store and donate sections of the website are closed for now, but when we have all the items set up (and the team) for it, they will open. We will announce it when they are. So kick back, and enjoy the radical change that we have done to the website! (Also please be aware, we are still adding new things and tweaking things to the website - so don't be confused if you find out some links are not working or you'll see "coming soon" in areas)
  2. Dotun Omidiora

    Guarding Your Heart

    Recorded in Radical Youth Nottingham - 26/03/14