If you have no interest starting one, but want to inform us that you'll like RY to be in your area, contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

    Can't find a good Christian Society (group) you are looking for? Do you have an interest which you want to develop further? Then why not start up Radical Youth with our support?! Maybe you are a leader or part of a group and you’d like to be part of the RY families?

    Anyone can start up RY in their Universities/Area. We encourage you to open an e-mail address and a Facebook account called Radical Youth London i.e. if you in London or “Radical Youth Bradford i.e. if you go Bradford University” so you can get people to join and if possible start fellowship with the interested people you have already (this shows your interest and commitment already). Once the group has been affiliated with the God’s Vineyard Ministries RADICAL YOUTH, a whole world of benefits and opportunities is opened to you and your members. All you need is 5 or more potential members, and understand the Aims and Objectives of RY

    Here at RY, we believe that the Holy Spirit plays a very important role in the life of young people (students). You, as a potential RY leader for your region, could be at the forefront of the provision of that experience; enabling your group to run different activities, make lifelong friends, take on responsibility, develop yourself and others, while studying. A world of opportunity waits.....


    What are the benefits of becoming part of RY-Family?

    It is impossible to list each and every benefit that an affiliated group gets, because RY is a constantly improving and increasing it benefit regularly. Here are some of the benefits which you will be guaranteed, however:

    ·       Access to Financial advice,

    ·       Access to RY’s banking services,

    ·       Support during Freshers’ Fayres,

    ·       Access to RY’s Bible study materials,

    ·       Assess and support of Musical concert,

    ·       Access to God’s Vineyard Ministries (GVM) and its recourses,

    ·       Support, mentoring and expert advice whenever you need it from dedicated people,

    ·       Regular Training and Seminars in all relevant areas. (Leadership Training, Career Seminars etc).


    Most significantly, you become a central part of an ever growing and diversifying student movement. Radical Youths aims to constantly increase the quantity, quality and diversity of opportunities through supporting new suggestion and initiatives for different groups.

    To be honest, we want you and we are dedicated to supporting you and the new RY.

    If you haven’t already, you can pick up a RY Affiliation Application Form by asking who introduced you if any or call the youth Pastor (Pastor Labi) on 07947797323 / p.labi@radicalyouth.co.uk Or drop a message on Facebook to P Labi Mebude and an application pack will be sent to you as soon as possible.  

    There are some conditions for affiliation which you must fulfil in order to be successful (no worries you’ll be helped, we have 99.9% success so far). Please keep reading for an explanation of the process.

    Filling in the Application

    Once you have filled in your personal details, you (or the group) will need to complete the questionnaire (including your Aims and objectives if any or if different from RY). For example why do you want to start up RY, what do you think you can bring to RY.? These are extremely general values or principles that show your passion and enthusiasm.


    This will help us and your colleagues who has never heard of Radical Youth should be able to have a good understanding of it by just reading your aims. 3-5 aims are a good number. Some examples of good aims:


    ·       “To unite students with an interest in God.”

    ·       “To act as a platform for discussion and education on key issues such as Holy Spirit.”

    ·       “To promote Christian faith to the student movement.”



    These are more specific goals which provide more information about the groups general operations. 3-5 objectives are a good number. Some examples of good objectives:


    ·       To hold regular meeting on a weekly basis”

    ·       “To raise money for evangelism within your region”

    ·       “To have regular or fixed venue to hold meetings”


    You must have a minimum of 5 interested participants to be considered for affiliation. 3 of these must be willing to step forward as the first committee (a president, general secretary, and treasurer).

    The Process

    Once you have completed your application. Please post it to The Radical Youth Committee (God’s Vineyard Ministries). 292, derby Road, Lenton Nottingham NG7 1QF. (The three stages here outlined briefly.)


    1. Your application is reviewed by the Youth Pastor who checks to make sure your aims and objectives are feasible.


    2. Your application is presented to the Radical Youth Committee in the presence of the Senior Pastor who would decide whether or not to affiliate you. You and others interested will need to be present at the meeting; they may wish to ask you questions!


    3. If your affiliation is successful then you will have to complete a committee form, risk assessment, Executives Roles and Responsibility, and signed. If you wish to recruit more committee members then you can hold your first MEETING informing the Youth Pastor!


    Download Questionnaire